I promised to find some more photos of the recent Amadeus e-Commerce customer conference in Cannes, so here they are. This will be the second of a three part series, and then I’ll try to return to less self indulgent posts. Below you’ll spot Lawrence from Cathay Pacific, Hazem from Saudi, Elvis from Tarom and Javier from Iberia all enjoying a break from the conference presentations that took place during the first few days of October.





IMG_0106 Denis


Only in the last 12 hours did I see the fresh off the presses aggregated customer feedback results. At the end of each day customers are asked to score each of the presentations along with other questions on their feedback forms. In Kuala Lumpur my presentation was rated best over the two days of that conference, but this time I had to settle for the middle of the pack. No way I could compete with Denis and his technology presentation which always goes down a treat with customers. Personally my pick for the best presentation went to Agnieszka above for her talk on Affinity Shopper, but clearly when there is this much competition for top spot, it is the airline delegates in attendance who really benefit.





Above photo is of Pascale Gamby and Gaby Badlou from Air Caraibes accepting their award that was officially called Highest Ancillary Revenue Attach Rate. What this really means is that they sell a ton of insurance on their website. Congratulations, as of all the awards, this is definintely one of the better ones to win. With so many airlines struggling to realize the full potential of ancillary revenue, it is great to see Air Caraibes really kicking some goals with insurance.