I wrote this post over a week ago, but just realised I never actually uploaded it to the blog. Therefore some of you have probably already seen the story I’ve linked to. It is an amusing start to the week if you haven’t seen it:

Read the following from England’s Telegraph newpaper.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said: “Shortly after 7.35am on Saturday police were called to the check-in area at Terminal One, following reports that a man was being abusive to staff.

“Officers attended and warned the man about his future conduct and behaviour under the Public Order Act.”

The spokesperson added that the man had admitted to officers that he had been “unprofessional and irate” but he had quickly calmed down so no further action had been necessary.

Do you think they are talking about an irate passenger being charged for excess luggage? If so, you would be wrong.

Philip Meeson, boss of budget airline Jet2.com, was warned by police after flying into a rage at his own staff after becoming annoyed at the length of time it was taking them to deal with a long queue of passengers.

I suppose when you are an LCC in a market where customers are used to the antics of Ryanair, sometimes in the PR wars you have to fight fire with fire. No idea if this story on Jet2 is a PR plant or totally unintended, but I doubt Philip Meeson is unhappy about it one little bit, as it really gives a strong message that this airline CEO is serious about customer service.