The other day I made reference to data from Google showing declining visitor numbers on the British Airways website, saying I hoped to dig into the story deeper. And yesterday I printed out part of the PhoCusWright’s Online Traffic and Conversion Report, September 2009, but that is still sitting unread for the time being; so I was glad to see Timothy O’Neil-Dunne on the new website picking up this theme and adding a bit more to the story. I still think there is a lot more to this than first meets the eye, but if ever I am going to find out the answer, this week is the week. It should be an interesting topic of discussion with some of the approximately 150 airline delegates attending the Amadeus e-Commerce conference in Cannes over the next few days.

But at the moment all I have are questions, a few theories, but no time to properly research the answers I know are out there somewhere. One thing I did read recently was an interesting article from Canada’s Globe & Mail called, A losing legacy – the decline of business class and in it they mentioned a 1970’s ad from Southern Airways. Great depiction of what business class could be (some would say should be), but at least from what I’ve seen, definitely isn’t.

And then whilst I was watching that one, an even better one followed. With today’s computer generated graphics this would be nothing special, but take a look at the 1972 flight attendant from Southwest, and just ask yourself how many takes were filmed, and how much hearing loss did she suffer, before they finally got this one right? Very impressive ad.