I’ve recently tried to limit the amount I write on social media and airlines, as I’m getting the feeling the whole thing is being a bit overhyped. Not that airlines shouldn’t be taking it seriously, just that too many people are pushing their own agenda and this may not align with the interests of the airline in all instances. And then I see hilarious diagrams like this one here from David Armano, and it reinforces my view to ease up on this topic!

PrismRecently I referred to a social media report for airlines, and it looks like the same report gets another mention this week on ATW. But the ATW article has some interesting quotes, one of which is: “The burnout rate on Twitter is “significantly high,” he said. “One of the big problems is lack of resources. Another is airlines’ inability to determine who this project ‘belongs’ to: Is it the marketing department, communications, customer service?” The reality, he said, is that the effort “needs to span all those departments. It can’t be kept in a silo.” I’ve borrowed the quote before about Twitter being the next Second Life, but on the other hand I did see another travel industry blogger recently talking about its value.

The PR and Marketing world for airlines is changing, and this story from Advertising Age is well worth a read for anyone working in the field. “… with the rise of social media and the need for ultra-quick turnaround in creating and launching campaigns, could the day soon come when internal PR departments are steering the marketing ship full time?” It is especially relevant for people in the airline industry as the article contains quotes from Roger Frizzell, VP Corporate communications and advertising at American Airlines and Tony Cervone, Senior VP-chief communications officer, United Airlines.

On a different topic, I’ll be at the Amadeus e-Commerce customer conference in Cannes next week, and from what I hear a record number of airline delegates will be attending. If you are reading this and have already registered your attendance (I believe new registrations are being waitlisted as the venue is packed to the rafters), then I look forward to meeting you there, and maybe you’ll even get me into a conversation on airline social media despite my promises to go easy on the subject.