I imagine after this week’s big news a lot of US based people with good airline IT knowledge will be applying to HP for their next job, but here is a different opportunity that might interest some people reading this. I got the idea to write this post after seeing an excellent blog post a few days ago seeking the next social media analyst for Forrester. The economy is far from great and companies are cutting back everywhere, but even with hiring freezes and the like, there are still some jobs available; but they are certainly much harder to find and employers will make applicants jump through many more hoops before making an offer these days. I’ve got no idea if the last time I mentioned a job opening in this blog whether I had any impact or not, but this is the first time I’ve ever mentioned an opening at Amadeus.

I am based in Spain, but I work very closely with my Amadeus colleagues in the United States, and they are currently seeking someone with a very specific set of skills. Even though the job reports into the US, the sucessful candidate will spend a lot of time supporting me on new and existing airline customers.Therefore I have a strong vested interest in seeing that a good person is hired. 

Here are what I see as the essential prerequisites for this job 

  1. Ability to relocate within the United States
  2. Excellent knowledge of how an airline operates – airline work experience strongly preferred
  3. Good knowledge of central system functionality and commands – ideally multi GDS
  4. Creative problem solving skills using IT
  5. Comfortable hosting airline workshops and dealing face to face with airline clients
  6. Flexible to travel frequently, often internationally.

And some nice to haves

  1. Enjoy writing detailed requirements documents (this rules me out!)
  2. Enjoy working closely with software developers
  3. Comfortable working with various technologies
  4. Doesn’t mind working with Australians (meaning both me, and two of my airline customers)

When I first started the wish list above it only had three items, but the more I thought about it, the list kept growing. If I had waited another day to post I’ve got no idea how much longer it would have grown. 

If you are interested in this job, please use the Contact form on this blog and it will come directly to me. You can’t attach documents, but all I need now is some detailed text outlining how you meet each of the points above. I’ll try and reply to each enquiry (except those clearly not answering or meeting the essential prerequisites). Finally, please don’t leave personal information in the comments section!

Be aware that I am not not the final decision maker, but obviously a recommendation from me for this role will carry a fair amount of weight. Any interested person meeting the prereqisites will most probably have a phone call with me first before a full CV is requested that I can pass on to my US colleagues. I know the prerequisites above will rule out a lot of interested and otherwise talented people, so I’m not expected a flood of interest, but I’ve love to get one or two names to recommend for an interview.