Regular readers of this blog will recognize the name Ponder Harrison. He is the Managing Director – Sales & Marketing, at Las Vegas based LCC, Allegiant. He has just resigned his post, but given his large role in Alegiant’s massively successful ancillary revenue efforts, he has been retained by the airline as a non executive consultant.

Ponder Harrison has given me plently of good content over previous months, such as this quote implying a relationship between ancillary revenue and revenue management. I’m sure his services will be in demand from other airlines if he chooses to consult more widely.

Bigger news this week came from US carriers adding checked bag fees on international flights, but the really big news came yesterday from Amercian Airlines parent AMR announcing they has signed with HP to develop a new PSS. Below is the best quote I saw on this story.

“This is big news,” said Henry Harteveldt, travel analyst with Forrester Research Inc. “What American is doing is the equivalent of a brain transplant, heart transplant and a lot of plastic surgery, all simultaneously.”

The same Chicago Tribune article also contained another very interesting piece of news I’d missed whilst on vacation.

Air Canada earlier this month announced that it was suspending work on Polaris, a new reservation system developed by ITA Software that was running about two years behind schedule.

Anyone remember aiRES? But then again, I work for a competitor, so be sure to add your own healthy dose of skepticism to my views.