After enjoying a great Summer holiday in New York and Connecticut I’m finally back at work. I had mentioned before I left that if the weather was bad I might write the occassional post – well, the weather was just perfect, with only a small amount of rain on a couple of days. So this is the first post in a long time.

When I started the blog I said I’d reassess it in 12 months, and I’m only just over half way there. I’m enjoying writing it, and getting some good feedback from people in the industry, but starting today my job now includes responsibility for more products and also the employees selling these products (more on that in coming days). Therefore the narrow focus I have had to date on this blog regarding innovation and ancillary revenue in direct channels might change to better reflect the wider range of topics I will be dealing with. I haven’t made up my mind on that yet, as one risk is if the blog becomes too general it ends up as just another one of the scores of airline blogs already out there.

One thing is pretty clear – in the coming weeks the frequency of posts will almost certainly drop from my pre-vacation rate; at least until I get back on top of things after such a good break.