Not likely, but the a German court has found against Ryanair and their credit card surcharges; this would have a negative impact on revenue for many airlines if it spreads to other parts of Europe. Secondly, a story in Travolution today showing how it is possible to actually have Ryanair pay you to make in-flight purchases, rather than the other way around. I doubt the second trick will last for long, but the first story really does have wider implications if it catches on. Credit card surcharges are something many people in the US find hard to understand as the card schemes have been successful in cutting off this practice, but it is a legitimate practice as card acceptance is a real cost to the airlines. Passengers must realize that the benefits from paying with a credit come come with a cost, and if they don’t like the cost, then they should use an alternate form of payment. It seems the problem for Ryanair was that the fee free form of payment they offered was not common in Germany, and hence the reason for the court finding against them.