Continental may have just launched their website in Portugese, and a new gaming company (Flight Deck Gaming) aimed at generating more in flight ancillary revenue may have just launched, but it is impossible today to beat this story.

By using the virtual social network Facebook – which used free of charge, Malaysia Airlines enjoy the online ticket transactions service which reach two million Malaysia Ringgit or approximately equal less than IDR 5 billion. “This is a effective progress and we can use Facebook for free. Nowdays, customers can also print their own ticket and make a ‘boarding pass’ before flying,” said Malaysia Airlines Commercial Director Dato’ Rashid Khan

I had a quick look around on Facebook, but didn’t see a booking app; therefore I can’t confirm or deny the veracity of this claim, but it sure sounds incredible. I’m wondering if part of the story was jumbled in the translation to English. If anyone can add any clarity to this claim, please let me know. Malaysian are hosted in SITA, but I’m not sure who they use for an internet booking engine (IBE). I’ve never before heard of someone creating a Facebook IBE application for an airline, but would love to know about it if it is indeed true; especially if the functionality is half decent and even more importantly if it utilizes any of the social networking features that would be available within Facebook.