Better communication with passengers is clearly a no brainer when it comes to instilling some loyalty in customers. So it was interesting to read firstly in Dallas News and then via the press release about the improvements on But best of all, view the demo (with sound), as it really is very good.

What I liked most were options to add a second person (eg. secretary) to get the same or different notifications on your flights, and even notifications by voice message (I assume automated) if this was preferred to SMS or email. Also the ability to add notification option if you are meeting someone on the flight, but are not actually on the flgiht yourself. And the ability to set a preferrred time preference (eg 1 hour or 3 hours etc) prior to the flight to receive notifications was also a very nice feature. But have a look at the demo and see it for yourself, as this really is something other airlines should be looking into if you are not already doing so.

I’ve had discussions with a few airlines on adding technology to improve the way they communicate with passengers, but I can’t deny that I am impressed with what I’ve seen today from American (based on the demo alone), as this really is in my opinion money on technology very well spent.