I usually try to keep on the topic of airline innovation in direct channels but today, the temptation to write off topic was just too big. Really big.

“The Northwest chapter of the Association of Flight Attendants has filed a grievance with the world’s largest airline, asking it to offer the red dress up to size 28.”

I’ll give a wide berth to making any more comment on that story, except to say I don’t really imagine it is the kind of PR any airline would enjoy. Likewise, Qantas LCC offshoot Jetstar has been getting a tough time in the press recently, so it was very interesting to read an interview with the guy in New Zealand claiming the credit. 

“That has been completely run by the blogs, and followed up by the mainstream media. Jetstar are not protecting their reputation using social media, and I’m destroying their reputation through social media,” he says.

It been all New Zealand on this blog recently, and whilst I saw an amusing comment from one Kiwi, Jason Carswell, a couple of days ago on this blog adding some more insight into the purchase behaviour of New Zealanders visiting Fiji, clearly not every one of his countrymen shares his same good sense of humour. 

The PR game is definintely changing, and airlines not managing social media effectively must really be wondering what happenned to the cosy old way of doing things. It may not have got this extreme in the airline world yet, but to see just how much tech PR has changed, look no further than Brooke Hammerling. And with that, I’ve ended this post as far as possible from where I started it.