Yesterday’s post with stats on email marketing conversion rates was the most popular post on this site in almost a month, but it seems that almost eveyone missed my reference to the best thing thing to come out of New Zealand since Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc. When you need a two minute distraction from work, try turning up the sound and clicking on yesterday’s strange photo for a very unique piece of film from the land of the long white cloud. 

Besides original film ideas and white wine, another good thing from that part of the world is a recent initiative from Air New Zealand. An no, I’m not talking about the body painting safety video that I’m sure you’ve already seen ten times, as that campaign has done a great job of going viral. What I am referring to is the recent move by Air New Zealand to try and pull forward the duty free purchases of passengers (good example of the Bow Tie Model in action) by setting this up on their website.

“DFS Oceania managing director Maxime Elgue said the website represented a critical new channel to keep in touch with customers’ shopping needs. Purchases will be waiting for customers at Auckland or Christchurch airport.”

 What I didn’t see from the above linked article was the following interesting fact:

The new online offering comes less than a week after Australian-based James Richardson Duty Free set up shop in New Zealand’s biggest airports, after taking over the Regency Duty Free operations in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Good move from Air New Zealand, as hopefully for them this initiative captures a decent proportion of the expenditure passengers would have made anyway, but part of the profit moves from the airport to the airline. More ancillary revenue and who, except maybe the airport, could argue with that.