I’ve written a few times about the recent Amadeus Airline conference in Malaysia, but just in case you couldn’t make it (or even worse you weren’t invited, or even worse again you are a curious competitor) and want the slides from all the presenters, here they are. If you have trouble accessing them, please contact your account manager rather than me directly.

Increased hotel segmentation - missing fontOne slide in my presentation looks incredibly cryptic, as you can see from the screen shot. I must have been using some strange font that didn’t convert to PDF, so if you you prefer a version that doesn’t require an intelligence equal to deciphering the Rosetta Stone, please click here.

As I’ve seen most of the product presentations many times before, the parts I always find most interesting are the presentations from the airlines. At this conference you had Air Calin presenting on Amadeus Ticket Changer, Air Pacific presenting on e-Merchadise (aka Flexpricer) and Qantas presenting on Award Calendar for online redemption bookings. All three were great presentations, so I hope their slides are able to convey a similar level of insight to that which was was received by the delegates in attendance. 

To ensure my presentation makes even more sense, I’d definintely recommend reading this post explaining one of the more complex slides. Tomorrow I plan to write about Slide 9 in my presentation, as often people keep email marketing conversion rates /  sale rates very close to their chest. I think the numbers presented, together with a bit of an explanation, should be of interest to a wider audience than normally reads this blog, especially as optimizing email marketing is hardly unique to the airline industry.