No time to add a proper post today, so I’ll just plug someone else’s business.  Cybersource are running a webinar on Thursday 9th July, 2009 titled Airline Online Fraud: Challenges, benchmarks and solutions. Agenda is:

  • Results insight – Airline Online Fraud Report 2009
  • Fraud benchmarks – across airline types and geographies
  • Best practices for reducing online fraud
  • Real-life success story – how one airline addressed its fraud concerns

Maybe the last bullet point is referring to Kingfisher in India. I’ve talked before about the way payments topics keep chasing me, no matter how much I try to escape, and last week in Kuala Lumpur was no different. Martin Smith from Continuum and Tim Fletcher from Mastercard (MiGS) were talking on payments fraud impacting airlines, and there was definitely a lot of interest in this topic from the airline delegates in attendance. I don’t have a link to share for the Cybersource Webinar, but if you are interested just get in touch with them directly.