Interesting to see two apparently contradictory aticles in Ryanair’s hometown newspaper on the same day last week, one about carry on restrictions and the other on potentially unrestricted carry on luggage. The first of the two is more interesting for airlines looking to grow ancillary revenue, as it raises a very interesting idea for how to push in flight duty free sales. By strictly enforcing a one bag carry on limit, and charging passengers €30 for a second carry on bag, your last minute airport purchase of a bottle of booze is going to end up being very expensive indeed.

I had a conversation a while ago with an airline executive tasked with growing in flight sales, but at the time none of us brought up this very clever idea from Ryanair. Apart from pushing the sale out of the shops and into the plane it also gives the airline a very valuable bargaining chip in negotiations with airport authorities over passenger charges and landing fees. Very clever indeed, just so long as you don’t get accused of unfair treatment of a six year old girl and her teddy bear by strictly enforcing these rules.