That title has probably set a record for longwindedness, but when sitting in an airport lounge earlier this week I made a change to a slide that was first shown in Miami, and I am now much happier with it. The plan is to use it in a presentation to Asian and Middle Eastern airline website managers in Kuala Lumpur this Thursday, but I’m showing it here as a sneak preview because it tells a compelling story

In the presentation I’ll be using a slide build in Powerpoint so that the blue bracket on the right appears before the larger bracket on the left. For today I’ll leave you to ponder what the compelling story is that I’m referring to. I’ll continue this post tomorrow with my interpretation on this diagram and the implications it delivers for airline websites; but if you need a clue, go back and read the original post on the Bow Tie Model.

Seasonality and 2009 bigger bracket

Part 2