Just arrived in Kuala Lumpur this morning as I’m presenting at an airline e-commerce conference later this week. Maybe it is karma, but after my post last week about infants in business class, I got it again today with an infant and a young child sitting with their parents a couple of rows in front of me; and making a racket for most of the journey. At least I’m not the only blogger taking up this topic at the moment, but I’ll try to drop it after today – unless of course some airline wants to do something innovative in this area like charge a new fee. Then I’ll be writing them up in the most glowing terms possible, and hopefully they will have hit on a successful new stream of ancillary revenue.

Jay Sorensen (fresh from the recent Datalex conference in Dublin) has written a book on airline ancillary revenue, as it is mentioned in this decent article on the current landscape regarding which airlines are charging for what. But by far the most interesting story I came across today, even though it is not exactly breaking news, is about the BA Value Calculator. Once before I mentioned Spanair trying a similar marketing strategy, but at the time made the comment that they needed to be more aggressive if they wanted to get any traction. British Airways are being a bit more aggressive by naming EasyJet and Ryanair, but when it comes to getting out a strong message against full a la carte pricing, Southwest make the case with the most clarity. If you want to take a look at the BA Value Calculator in action, here it is.