The Ryanair website will be down for 1o hours for a site upgrade from 7pm on June 24th. Even online check-in will be down during this period, which will make customers even more irate given the recent changes to their policy here. This follows from the February 2008 three day outage when they upgraded from Navitaire Open Skies to New Skies.

Maybe I am not being totally objective here as I work for a competitor, but I was involved on the fringes (and I really do mean fringes) of a major system migration from EDS Shares to Amadeus Altea a week ago and I can tell you there was nothing even remotely approaching a three day outage for that airline. And having a website down for 10 hours is equally unacceptable. Even a five minute scheduled outage causes heartburn for customers, and that it when it is scheduled for 3am! I suppose there is a cost/reliability trade off, and Ryanair have done the sums, but all I can say is the cost must be almost free if they are prepared to put up with their website being down for 10 hours – that is a lot of bookings and damaged reputation to make up for later.