It is a rare day when you’ll see me plugging a press release from my employer, mainly for the reason that the the purpose of this blog is to get airline executives thinking around a very fairly narrow topic (ie. direct channel) and I’m not really that focussed on pushing products on this blog anyway – well, sometimes I make an exception for products I am personally responsible for! So if you are interested in airline ancillary revenue, click here to see why I made an exception for this press release; at the same time you’ll understand the title of this post. That presser is aimed at travel agencies, but it could have equally been written for people working at airlines.

Destination content is the unloved orphan child in the world of airline ancillary revenue, but only for the reason that no-one has implemented it properly yet. The potential for this product category at airlines really is many multiples of the conversion rates I am seeing today. I’ve got zero vested interest in this product category as it is not my job to sell it, but I just hate seeing something good being written off by airlines because they don’t understand it. 

If you have flights going into any one of the 15 destinations listed in the press release linked to above, and you are not sending that idea to passengers after they have purchased a flight there (ideally having them first opting in during the booking flow), then you really are missing a golden opportunity to make some extra revenue.