Last week I was mildly critical of Southwest (skeptical might be a better word than critical), but today I am much more positive. I’ve got a sense based on the fact that a couple of the posts linked to below are in the top 10 most viewed since I started blogging that a lot of readers of this blog either work in airline PR, or at least are trying to understand how their own companies should be addressing social media. 

Past posts on this blog have covered topics such as social media in large companies, cutting edge social media PR and what various airlines are doing with this emerging technology, so I was very interested to see Paula Berg, Manager of Emerging Media at Southwest interviewed by Mike Volpe. 

If you don’t listen to the interview, here are a couple of the highlights.

I liked the question that went, “How have you been able to get the buy in, how you’ve managed to get premission to do all these things without upsetting the corporate legal department.” To which Paula answered, “All the people speaking on these sites… we trust them because they ooze Southwest, because they just get it… for the most part we have chosen people we trust and we empower them”

And then to the question about whether they have an official corporate policy or training program for people participating in social media. “It’s all emerging… we don’t want to hinder anyone. You know these are our greatest ambassadors and we really want to encourage them… what kind of guidelines do we need to give to encourage them, not to discourage them.”

If you want to hear Sandra talk about the famous rapping flight attendant or view the original video that started this phenomena, check out the hubspot blog.