I’m always in favour of advertising campaigns that stick closely to Rosser Reeve’s original recipe for the USP. That being to focus on the first letter: U is for Unique. Too often these I days I hear people refer to USP in the plural, and maybe even occassionaly I have been guilty of this myself. But shouldn’t they just be referred to as Selling Propositions if there are more than one?

Finnair have come out with a campaign called Feel Finnair, and whilst there are many forgettable attributes of the airline mentioned, the key message, the one thing that sticks in your mind, is the USP underlying the Finnair quote used in the title of this post.

Feel Finnair  

You can see more from Finnair by clicking here, but the message you will receive is all about speed; this message is beautifully repeated over and over again with lines like:

  • Finnair is the fast airline between Europe and Asia
  • We fly the straightest geographical route via Helsinki so our flights are short and fast
  • If your company’s employees travel a lot between Europe and Asia…
  • save both time and money
  • we get everywhere sooner

I was kind to Finnair by showing a screen shot that shows a positive result, as when I put in my most frequent journey, MAD – BKK (MAD – NCE didn’t qualify in this exercise) it gave me a nothing answer and told me to go to the Finnair website. Not sure why they put city pairs in the very limited drop down list if they don’t yield a positive result, but this is only a small point, as the USP from Finnair has definintely stuck in my head. Much more than I can say for most airline advertising I see these days.