Received an email from Korean Air’s Skypass frequent flyer program the other day. Normally these types of emails never get more than one second of attention, before I move sequentially onto the next message, but this one actually got me to make the click. Maybe it was because the pictures in the email message were so small, or because the message itself was kind of interesting, but as your might be able to see from the image on the right, they were asking members of the program to vote on which uniform they liked the best from the past 40 years. 

Korean Uniforms

Korean Uniforms

Not a bad way to give the brand a bit of a personality, and to have frequent flyer members understand a bit of the history of the airline in the form of a competition. Execution wasn’t really ideal, as the prizes are pathetic, and when I did click on the link it wasn’t smart enough to know who I was to register my vote, and instead I had to log into my Skypass account. I still couldn’t see the pictures of the uniforms in any detail either, which was mildly annoying. Not sure how I was supposed to cast an informed vote based on only a thumbnail, but maybe I should remember it is just a random prize draw. Anyway, by this point I’m thinking that I’ve already spent 2-3 minutes on this, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I could sense a potential blog post in the making, it would have all ended right then and there.

I never logged into the site, so my vote was never recorded – really, how much time and effort am I expected to go to in order to win a 2GB memory stick! Last time I looked these were in the bargain basement bin of the local electronics store going for the princely sum of not more more than 99 cents. I thought the Koreans were cutting edge in terms of computer components, so if it was a 32GB stick (biggest I’ve seen in shops to date is 16GB) then this might be mildly interesting. So maybe fewer ordinary prizes, and one big one like a free flight might make the whole thing a bit more appealing. Or maybe drop the prizes all together.

Verdict: Nice idea, but not fully thought out. Still, overall I could probably say it left a slightly more positive impression of the Korean brand than I had before.