Now I can relax and enjoy the rest of the Airline Sales Channel conference, as I’ve done my 30 minute presentation this morning. I received some very positive feedback from a range of people afterwards, but then again, people are rarely going to tell you they didn’t like your presentation. The audience here definintely cracked a smile and even the occassional laugh much more than they did for me in Budapest last year, so either this is an easier audience, or my jokes must have been really bad in Budapest.

I mentioned this blog in my presentation this morning (and I’ve seen about 30 more visitors than average so far today; obviously a few people from the conference have already found me online), so for those looking for a copy of the slides I presented, here they are:  ASC Miami – Martin Collings  If you are interested in the audio to accompany the slides, here is the YouTube link

Definintely the slide that went down the best was the case study on Air Pacific where I showed a 243% increase in their hotel bookings to online customers within only one week of implementing the ancillary revenue optimization module within Amadeus Airline Robotics. The fact that an airline with only six planes is doing such innovative things in ancillary revenue optimization should be a big wake up call to carriers ten, twenty or even thirty times the size of Air Pacific.