I’ve been in Tucson, Arizona for most of this week, working with some colleagues who are based here. Very different feel to just about any other city, especially when I’m around our office in the Foothills and I see imposing cactus plants everywhere.

house-of-piI was staying closer to downtown at a place better known in a past life as the House of Pi; the ghost of Betty Childs still looms large. But the money has definintely migrated North to the Foothills and the downtown area is seemingly only kept alive by the large University of Arizona campus. It has been a very productive stop given that the main reason for the trip to the USA is to speak at a conference in Miami next week. I’m still putting the finishing touches on that presentation so it was interesting to see some of the themes I’ve been promoting via the Bow Tie Model appearing indirectly in a quote from ex Cendant executive Heny Gabay, now Vice President Marketing and Strategy at Wyndham Hotel Group.

“In tough economic situations, where budgets are limited and spending is curbed, it is more efficient to retain rather than acquire customers. That said, customer acquisition should be focused as close to the point of purchase as possible…”

This is fully in line with the Bow Tie Model, but next Tuesday it will be presented with updated (and more representative) data than was in my original blog post on this topic. And I’ll try and blog a bit more frequently from the conference, although that probably just means two posts a day instead of one!