I know sometimes there are typos in this blog, but my readership is a rounding error in the decimal places (if fractions of a member could actually exist!) of the Miles & More membership database. Even so, I do try my best to pick them up before hitting the “publish” button. So that is my excuse.

I am on the Lufthansa database as they must still have my old address listed from when I lived there about 4 years ago.  On April 15th Lufthansa informed me via email:

We regret there was a typing error in the email address to enter our Beck’s Berlin Sessions competition. Please see the amended article below.

And then on May 3rd, less than a month later, I receive an email (I’ve obviously added the bold emphasis) with the subject line:

Hurry – only 24 hours left to book Lufthansa’s onlince special

I never authorize anything to go to the printers before getting a fresh set of eyes (someone who didn’t write it) to look over it for typos – some might call it butt covering, I call it quality control. I’ve got a feeling there is now some poor soul sitting in Sydney probably wishing they has waited a little longer before hitting the “send” button. 

I’ve reduced my active usage Miles & More because last time I tried to book a long haul redemption flight the taxes (probably a lot of it was high fuel surcharges, and this may have since changed) were so high, I decided to just pay cash for non-redemption fares instead and fly on my first choice of dates. I imagine a number of airline loyalty programs faced exactly the same issue with some of their better members in recent times. I didn’t need to read Evert de Boer of Carlson Marketing’s report on the The Impact of High Oil Prices on Frequent Flyer Programs to know the impact they had for me on my perception of redeeming flights.

IB Plus

Iberia Plus Redemption Screen

Just to show that I am not always negative, let’s contrast what I have written so far with a Frequent Flier program that gets the thumbs up today. Recently I was looking at using points in the Iberia Plus program to redeem international flights for my family. I had around 95% of the required points, so was very impressed to see the screen shot shown here. I’m not sure what business rules determine who gets credit (probably related to tier status) and what is the maximum credit they allow, but it is definintely a nice touch. I’m not sure if Javier Delieto is still running IB Plus (I see his boss Felix Garcia Viejobueno still has his name on the member emails and the IB Plus magazine), but whoever at Iberia decided to do this, congratulations on a job well done.