Lars Denlew, director distribution and e-commerce at Gulf Air:

“At Gulf Air, it is up to seven times more expensive to distribute through a travel agent compared withthe web”

That is just one of the interesting quotes in a very interesting article from Flight Global earlier this week. The reason it is worth a read is that is is jam packed with so many decent quotes from airline executives. Here are a few more:

It’s like someone trying to drink from a fire hydrant” is how Marc Rosenberg [former vice-president sales & product distribution at Air Canada] compares the job of today’s executives with airline distribution in their management portfolio.

“In 2009 there needs to be a big focus on merchandising,” said Ornagh Hoban, vice-president strategy & marketing at Datalex.

That quote gives me a chance to again use my favourite mantra of the good shopkeeper – Retail is detail. And then another stat for anyone comparing levels of direct distribution between airlines.

…Brussels Airlines with 65% of its sales in 2008 coming via this channel, compared with 27% via the web.

That’s all for today, but I’m working on a few more detailed posts for later this week.