Dennis Schaal has written a  good article in Travel Weekly on Expedia and their PassportAds program that I referred to in this post. Expedia are working with BlueKai, and if there is one link you should definintely click on in this post, this is it. If you have previously visited Expedia or any of the other BlueKai partner sites, you may be surprised at the information that appears. If you work for an airline internet site and you use a white label (aka private label) website from any supplier (not just Expedia) then please re-read my original post and be sure you understand how data gathered on your current or prospective passengers is being used, and make yourself comfortable that it is being used in the best interests of your airline. I received an email yesterday from someone working in the hotel industry who told me he had heard of white label contracts excluding use of data in the way I am questioning, but it would be interesting to know if the BlueKai model would be excluded from such legal wording. Finally, I was just taking a look at the Financial Times whilst sitting in an airport lounge before jumping online to post this, when I saw this article saying

European authorities are to investigate consumer profiling by online advertisers amid allegations by senior EU officials that “basic rights in terms of transparency, control and risk” are being violated.

Personally I am a big supporter of almost all technology that allows increased marketing effectiveness, especially if it is using non personally identifiable data, but until today I’d never even heard of “deep-packet inspection” so I’ll have to reserve judgement on that particular technology.