Andrew Compart who works as a Senior Editor at Aviation Daily has put together a good collection of resources on AirAsiaX. Worth a look if your airline is planning to go full a la carte with your fares on long haul. Jay Sorensen from IdeaWorks (who incidentally is on the podium just before me at an upcoming conference) has written a long piece on the AirAsiaX model and he shows a good table of the fees passengers will up for and states that 55% of the passengers are pre-ordering a hot meal. And whilst on the topic of an easy way to compare a la carte fees by airline, this link at is excellent. Could save a junior analyst in an airline or a management consulting firm hours of surfing the terms and conditions on every individual airline website.

I mentioned them once before when writing about someone I sat next to on a flight who has previously flown with AirAsiaX, but time will tell if the financial belt tightening going on around the world right now is something that works in their favour, and whether the long haul pure LCC model will succeed in its current form.

Finally, I wasn´t sure where to put this, but I copied it a while ago from a comment I was reading on the consumerist website. It came from someone calling themselves Chris D

Check out these Allegiant fees I paid:
PFC: $18.00
911 SECURITY: $10.00

Added $200. There was only one segment and you have to choose seats. WTF is a convenience fee? What is PFC?

Nothing like a bit of confusion to lure in the passengers; it doesn´t seem to be stopping people from flying with them.