Onboard sales is not an area my work ever sees me get involved in (except as an airline passenger!), but some readers of this blog do work in this field , and this makes me want to keep one eye on these developments in so far as they pertain to ancillary revenue. So it was with some interest that I read about a company I had not previously heard of called Onboard Retail Solutions. They recently signed with Spainair and already have Air Europa as a customer. I guess they are similar to GuestLogix whom I’ve written about before, but their website was a little vague so I can’t really be clear what the compelling argument is for airlines – but there must be something if they have some good customers already. If anyone from Onboard Retail Solutions wants to get in touch I’d be interested to makes things a bit clearer to save readers having to navigate their website.

Which leads me to the headline of this post. Did you know that such an award existed as the Inflight Sales Person of the Year? I certainly didn’t. And the winner of this award was one Anthony Fung of Dragonair. I suppose a belated congratulation is in order for Anthony – well done.