After reading the Delta blog for the first time recently (thanks to Brett Snyder for pointing me in that direction) I’m about ready to take back what I said recently about most corporate blogs being bland. Delta is an exercise

in how it should be done – not aiming to compete with what comes out of the PR or marketing department, but detailed content written by real people aimed at customers who are actually interested to know more about the company. But this post is not to praise Delta on their blog, rather to praise them on some new functionality that was announced recently on the blog.

I’ve added one image  from the five available on the Delta site, so if you work in online innovation for an airline definitely take a look at the original post. I’ve talked a lot in the past about web 2.0 and social networking for airlines, but I’ve always emphasised my opinion that the regional winners in this space will be the major airlines that can leverage existing information they hold and put it in a single location to make the passenger want to return many times to the airline website prior to travel – think of what most airlines today call their “manage my booking” page as being maybe one twentieth of the way there. Delta has just put some very valuable, sticky and magnetic information online; other airlines should take this is a very big pointer of the direction in which innovation should be headed.