Just saw an article quoting a consultant from Oliver Wyman saying something unexpected:

“Unbundling was the trend, and that did create lots of value in the airlines. The future is in rebundling”

And I saw a comment today on this blog from a highly respected airline industry veteran (he identified himself to me via email) posting under the pseudonem Godzilla echoing similar themes and singing the praises of Air Canada’s approach to a la carte fees. 

Is the tide turning? Travelocity are copying Expedia by dropping air booking fees – not really related to the above, but will we see fees disappearing all over the place. My guess is probably not. I recall a senior airline exec (head of online for a major airline) giving me his prediciton that OLTA’s would cut or drop their air booking fees, but he said this to me 12-18 months ago. Before the comment from Godzilla and the quote from Oliver Wyman, I’ve never really heard too much serious discussion on this topic before – maybe I’ll be wrong and a la carte fees will go the way of OLTA air booking fees, but I wouldn’t bet on it.