Even though this blog is aimed squarely at people working in airlines, I tend to get a few colleagues browsing these pages. Today I thought I’d do a quick roundup of other Amadeus blogs out there, so if I have missed anything, please add the URL via the comments section.

My favourite would have to be Hotel Blogs by Guillaume Thevenot who works for Amadeus in London. Even though the subject matter of hotels is very different to my specific area of interest (airline direct sales channels), he sometimes goes out on a limb, is never afraid to express his opinion, and writes with a passion that indicates he really enjoys the area in which he works and writes. The other blogs I have seen from individual employeees both come out of our Miami office and tend to be updated less frequently. Owen Wild works in marketing and writes about a range of travel related issues, whilst Robert Buckman, Director of Airline Distribution Strategy for Amadeus North America often takes a futuristic view and writes on trends in the airline industry. 

Most corporate blogs rarely even register on my radar as they tend to be quite bland and feel as if they are written by a faceless committee; that said I was quite impressed with the initial content that the rail team were writing, but unfortunately the most recent post is from November 2008 so it looks like that venture has ceased.

Amadeus.net have been doing some occassional blogging, mostly related to their product, but I notice the latest post is asking readers about their upcoming travel plans. Good luck to Adrian and the team there as they work on making the content more varied and compelling for users of Amadeus.net. It’s been a while since I’ve really spent time on that site but it makes me think I should catch up with Adrian one of these days and find out his views on what airline websites can learn from Amadeus.net, and maybe even vice versa. 

Finally, I saw this event blog from 2008 Horizons in Bangkok. Naturally the blog has closed as the event is long past, but it got me thinking that maybe at some of the events I am planning on attending this year I could increase the frequently of posts during the events with conference specific topics. So if you see me at an industry conference and want to be interviewed for this blog (and hopefully have something interesting and relevant to say), just let me know.