Take a look at this page posted yesterday on the Ryanair website. Rather than getting concerned about bad publicity airlines are getting from charging fees for everything under the sun, Ryanair are actually running a competiton asking people to suggest new fees they could be charging passengers! 

“Since we confirmed that we are considering a toilet charge we have received a huge number of ancillary revenue suggestions from passengers and we want more. We are asking passengers to submit their ideas with the most creative winning €1,000 cash. “

I’m far from knowledgable on the Navitaire system, and I’d only suggest fees thatI know are easily implementable from a technical standpoint  and that don’t cost more in business process changes to implement than they deliver in new revenue; but the press release from Ryanair is more about fun than about a serious analysis of new sources of ancillary (a la carte) revenue. Not sure if employees from other airlines are eligible to enter, but if you have any great or amusing ideas, comments are more than welcome.