Late on a Friday, still in the office, needing a change? I was doing an ancskyeurope-logo1illary revenue related search and came across this job. I assume it is still current, although it was posted in November 2008. And it involves living in Bratislava, Slovakia. Probably not the worst place in the world to live.

Ancillary Product Manager
Job description

We are looking for a person to assume responsibility for account management of SkyEurope Airlines’ ancillary product partners (who provide services such as hotels, car rentals, catering, insurance, airport lounches, inflight magazine, etc.). This person is a Team Leader of Product Team consisting of two people; the whole team belongs to Marketing department.

So if you are reading this blog, chances are you work in the industry and may even have ancillary revenue experience – somehow I doubt my content is so riveting that non airline direct sales people spend too much time here.

And finally, I repeat what I said in the opening: Late on a Friday, still in the office, needing a change? Well for me it’s not a new job but a holiday, so expect the frequency of blog posts to dry up significantly over the coming weeks – unless it is raining and I am stuck inside with a few minutes to kill and have seen or thought of something relevant to add here.