Occasionally working in a large geographically dispersed company, and combined with the speed at which information travels these days, one finds out internal news from outside sources first. Today’s story from Eye for Travel is one such case. Andy Owen-Jones has been appointed the new CEO of TravelTainment.   

This is really interesting business, that from what I’ve seen has some great technology for dynamic packaging allowing searches over a much wider period using less defined search criteria –  from what I’m told, the key is excellent caching of data resulting in less cost from host system hits. Dynamic packaging was real flavour of the month stuff a year or more ago with airlines, but these days that status seems to go to ancillary revenue. The larger airlines with their own packaged holidays division were the most interested in dynamic packaging, whilst many other airlines seemed to prefer a white label solution from the likes of Expedia, Lastminute, Hotelclub etc – there are so many brands in this space I lose track of who owns which ones! Interestingly the .com domain for TravelTainment is being used by someone else, but when you are not a B2C business, that is much less of an issue.

So congratulations to Andy on the new role. I probably haven’t spoken to him for over a year, and likewise the TravelTainment business has no doubt evolved significantly since I last looked into it, but in the past when I’ve put Andy in front of an airline customer to talk about dynamic packaging it always went down very well as there is no doubt he has an excellent understanding of this market. I look forward to seeing TravelTainment continue its growth under his leadership.