Alex Bainbridge writes a good blog aimed at his client base of tour operators, but he often covers points of wider interest. I was reading an interesting post of his called  “Why don’t other travel technology companies take part in social media?”

It is a highly recommended read for anyone in a large IT company trying to understand some of the challenges and issues in being present (or not being present) in social media forums likes blogs. Through this blog and others from my colleagues, Amadeus are treading gently into this space. It takes a leap of faith to really engage in this area, but I’m not sure what other choice large corporations really have.

Alex is spot on with the TUI and TravelCat vs Rapid example he gives of users commenting on a companies products, and those companies standing silently on sidelines as their product is criticized. Most or all of these comments on a brand or product will get indexed in search engines, so even if the senior execs or buyers of IT systems don’t actively engage in the social media forums on a daily basis, they all know how to do a search on Google!