I’ve chosen a name for the blog, set up an account, found a suitable template (I’m sure it will change many times over the coming weeks/months) and written some text about myself and my objectives for this blog – now it time to add some real content. Over the coming days I want to cover topics such as 2009 industry predictions, website design best practice, ‘around the world’ online booking engines, Sabre’s recent aquisition of EB2, the future role of the GDS in ancillary revenue, my take on the state of innovation in airline direct sales, and whether talking about innovation in email is an oxymoron. On top of this I”ll give my opinion on whatver topics of interest I come across that I see as directly or indirectly relevant for people working with airline direct sales.

I don’t expect any of these early posts to be a definintive statement on the subject, but rather they will designed to promote discussion amongst informed readers of this blog; as I continue meeting with and discussing these an other topics with senior executives working in airlines, I will aim to build on these themes with updated content and insight as the blog develops. – naturally always respecting the commercial confidences of clients and only mentioning new products or airline initiatives where they are already in the public domain of where I have explicit permission to do so. 

I welcome comments (including anonymous ones) from anyone with an informed opinion on the subject matter, but I will not tolerate unprofessional conduct, inappropriate language, flaming, or gratuitous/spam linking under the guise of leaving comments. 

Let’s get started.